Shuweihat Asia Power Company - SAPCO


Quality, HSE and Business Continuity Policies


SAPCO actively promote health, safety and environmental awareness amongst our employees, contractors and suppliers in order to avoid and minimize the risk of injury, incident and environment impacts while they work at site, demanding their compliance with SAPCO’s QHSE policies, procedures and work practices and ensuring that they conform to all applicable legislations.

Everyone is responsible for recognizing that by risking incident or injury, they are putting in jeopardy what they value and those they care for.



Shuweihat Asia Power Company (SAPCO) and Shuweihat Asia O&M Company (SAOM) top management is committed to excel in all our activities through team work, employee development and continual improvement while striving for a safe and healthy work place to achieve sustainable growth through:

  • Compliance with ISO 45001:2018 standard and all applicable regulatory requirements including Abu Dhabi Occupational Safety and Health System Framework (OSHAD-SF) Version 3.1. and all applicable regulatory requirements by establishing processes as well as by addressing risks and opportunities

  • S-3 plant as a high risk entity is committed to minimize health and safety risks by establishing OSH system as well as managing and complying with all the requirements.

  • Commitment of Prevention to injury and illness, Enhancement of employee's health and wellbeing, reduce waste generation by reuse, recycle and optimal utilization of natural resources to the maximum extent possible.

  • Setting, monitoring and reviewing health and safety targets and objectives.

  • Incorporating & Implementing cost effective and energy efficient technologies in all the activities of plant.

  • Continual improvement of Health and Safety System through health and safety objectives, Audits, inspections, Management Reviews and by eliminating hazards and reducing risks.

  • Creating awareness amongst all stakeholders of the S3 plant on Occupational Health and Safety.

  • Provision of necessary OSH resources to implement, maintain and improve the health & safety management system.

  • Workers participation and consultation for the improvement of OHS System.

  • Communicating this policy to all employees, stakeholders and interested parties,

  • Reviewing Health & Safety Policy and System annually to improve the overall health and safety system of the organization




Shuweihat Asia Power Company (SAPCO) and Shuweihat Asia O & M Company (SAOM) top management is committed to excel in all the activities of organization through team work, employee development and continual improvement.

SAPCO/SAOM endeavors and ensures that all organization works are executed in accordance with contract specifications and in compliance with applicable legal and other requirements, thus providing good value and satisfaction to our Clients.

Together we believe that our clients, our suppliers or subcontractors, and the whole society in general are important contributions in our business and this fact is evenly reflected in or overall business dealings.

SAPCO/SAOM management will:

  • Establish and continually improve an Integrated Management System based on the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 14001:2015 standards throughout the organization;

  • Develop and continually improve the competence and qualifications of our  employees, including the overall IMS performance by establish Quality and Environmental objectives at relevant functions and levels;

  • Ensure environment protection including environmental pollution prevention, and provision of environment friendly and comfortable workplaces;

  • Comply with all applicable regulatory requirements, international standards, codes related to quality and environment and other identified industry best practices.

  • Continually improve the effectiveness of the Integrated Management System through client feedbacks, Risks management, internal audits, trainings, data analysis etc., and reviewing the established IMS System at regular intervals.

  • Ensure that IMS policy is communicated to all personnel within the organization and to interested parties.

  • It is reviewed and audited for its suitability at periodic intervals. This policy is the basis for establishing and reviewing objectives and targets.




Shuweihat Asia Power Company (SAPCO) and Shuweihat Asia O & M Company (SAOM) top management is committed to ensure continuity of critical business processes in order to manage risks, safeguard safety, health and security of employees and other personnel, maintaining facilities and conducting operations to safeguard the environment and its revenues. Protect its reputation and ensuring stakeholder’s confidence remains intact. This policy applies to all interested parties including S-3 employees, contractors, and visitors and extends to all current and future activities, and any new opportunities that may arise.

BCM Program established by S-3 includes BCM Policy, corporate and site-specific Business Impact Analysis, Risk Assessments, Emergency Preparedness and Incident Response Plan, inspection and audit plans, Disaster Recovery Plan, BCM Manual, and compliance monitoring systems.

SAPCO & SAOM ensures:

Compliance with ISO 22301:2012; AE/SCNS/NCEMA 7000:2015 standards and all applicable regulatory requirements including RSB – The Business Continuity Management Regulations for Drinking water, Waste water and Electricity Services (First Edition): September 2014 (RSB:2014) as well as best practices like ADWEA Corporate Crisis Management Manual and Plan.

  • Identify and prioritize the types of events that could cause a major disruption to S-3 Plant critical business functions.

  • Understand the key business imperatives of SAPCO / SAOM and identify vulnerable areas where risk treatment needs to be proactively developed including response plans establishment.

  • Setting, monitoring and reviewing BCM targets and objectives.

  • Creating awareness amongst all stakeholders of the S3 plant on Business Continuity management.

  • Conduct regular awareness trainings related to BCM, respond resume and recovery plans at least annually to educate relevant staff about their responsibilities & accountabilities and expected outcomes.

  • Applying and communicating this policy to all employees, stakeholders and interested parties.

  • Maintain a programme of activities which ensures the company has the ability to react appropriately to, and recover from, adverse situations in line with the BCM objectives.

  • Maintain a level of resilience to operational failure in line with the risk appetite, the level of negative impact which could result from failure and senior management’s level of acceptable risk.

  • Take account of changing business needs and ensure that the response plans and business continuity strategy are revised where necessary.

  • Continual improvement of Business Continuity Management objectives, risks identification & management, BC plans, Audits, inspections and Management Reviews.

BCM Policy and System shall be reviewed annually and/or when there is a significant change in the organization structure to improve the overall Business Continuity of the organization.