Shuweihat Asia Power Company - SAPCO


From the Chair of Executive Managing Director


Shuweihat Asia Power Company or “SAPCO” has been formed as a partnership with ADWEA (60%) as the local investor and Sumitomo Corporation of Japan (20.4%) and Korea Electric Power Corporation of Korea (19.6%) as the foreign investors. SAPCO is the 9th Independent Power Project (IPP) and the 3rd within the Shuweihat complex at Ruwais in the Western Region, so it is also known as S3. SAPCO owns the S3 Power Plant, where 1600 MW of power is produced. Our plant has been completed and commissioned and will be operated by our own operating company for 25 years from the project completion date i.e. July 2014. 


The launch of SAPCO helps to meet the ever-growing demand for electricity in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi where we will provide a reliable supply of power to the requirements of ADWEC, our off-taker.

I believe that this company in the private sector will encourage private sector investment, create new employment opportunities for UAE Nationals and expatriates and will accelerate economic and social development. We are proud to own this plant to be able to meet around 15% of the future power requirement of the United Arab Emirates.


The staff of SAPCO and the O&M Company (SAOM) are undoubtedly the people who deliver the high performance of the plant throughout its operating life. We undertake to create a safe and environmentally conscious organisation and treat everyone professionally and fairly and as key individuals within a team environment.

Recognition and success are imperative in the professional world and quality performance combined with the right image and recognition creates a winning organization. We will strive to achieve what we have in mind by building a diverse, high performing team environment through training programs and skill developments for employees at all levels. We will always follow an unwavering principle to make SAPCO a performance-driven organisation and an employer of choice in the region. Our unique organization is made up of people from diverse cultures and we will go beyond borders and language barriers to have an efficient and dedicated staff from diverse cultures for producing "smart energy for a sustained growth".


Best Regards,

Keith Ulyett

Executive Managing Director